Ian Taylor understands the future of TV

Ian Taylor understands the future of TV
He proved that at the America's Cup

We This year for the first time i watched the America's Cup, a hightech sailing race between some countries. After some minutes watching i was amazed what they showed on TV. To get the idea, watch this video first:
Replay: America's Cup Final

With the techniques they use they drag you into this race at San Francisco ….. you feel part of. The so called '
Virtual Eye' does the first magic by showing live what's the speed of both boats and what's the difference in meters. It all looks very precise. Because these both parameters are dynamic you stay watching it permanently. Besides that you can 'see' the borders of the racetrack in which is in most boat races difficult to see. Virtual Eye is a very innovative piece of real-time 3D graphic technology.

Ovelha Negra - American's Cup on Television

Next to TV we have an App. Also in the App we have the impressive Virtual Eye option , but also live 'wind speed' information , explanation about each team, time schedules and commentary from the race officials. It is a nice build app, runs very smooth, even on a first generation iPad.

Ovelha Negra - American's Cup on TelevisionOvelha Negra - American's Cup on iPad SecondScreen

The application is an addition the the TV Broadcast… but can also be used easily without. the result is that you can follow he race live with all the info needed. And, you can even be more close… you can listen to the teams's audio in which is a very nice option. Besides the SecondScreen App. there is all a nice Game.

The man behind this crossmedia event type of broadcast is Ian Taylor. he invented with his team the 'Virtual Eye'. Ian Taylor is a smart and innovative businessman from New Zealand. The 'Virtual Eye' is now only used at the Sailng Sports events but it has a future in a lot of Sports Events like Cricket, Formula 1 and soccer for example. Next year i will watch the event again, because the experience i got with the mix of the Seconds Screen App en live TV Broadcast made me a fan of this sport. Read also this interview with the man himself.
Ovelha Negra - American's Cup on TelevisionOvelha Negra - American's Cup - Ian Taylor Source: Seven Sharp
Ian Taylor Source: Seven Sharp

What i like to see for next year is the following. I hope they will use the
webcast module of Connecting Media so people will be able to also choose their the camera's they want to see.. And we also like to see an app for SmartTV's. Let see next year !

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by René Schaap

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